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Dupion is best known as the popular silk wedding dress fabric, with its characteristic slub lines, texture, and stiffish (not drapey) handle. Also available in lower cost polyester versions, usually satin-backed, reversible, and more drapey. A classic choice of bridal fabric especially for bridesmaids, but also prom dresses, and other special occasion silk dresses due to its huge range of colours and shades. The washable polyester versions of this dress fabric are also suitable for day and evening wear. Two-tone or 'shot' colours have warp threads in one colour, and weft threads in another so that the colour subtly changes as the fabric moves. Also spelt: doupion, dupioni, or douppioni, and sometimes known as raw silk.
Satin back Dupion Dress Fabric 4750

Satin back Dupion is a drapey, medium weight, and reversible wedding dress fabric. Both the matt 'dupion' side and the very shiny satin side, have the imitation silk 'slub' lines. A popular low...

Dupion Silk Wedding Dress Fabric 4238

Dupion is the best known silk fabric, with its characteristic texture, and stiffish (not drapey) handle. This is a power-woven quality of silk dupion with finer texture. A classic choice of...

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