Stretch Satin Back Crepe Dress Fabric 4265

Stretch Satin Back Crepe Dress Fabric 4265 | Silk-Mix | Dressmaking

Stretch Satin back Crepe is a very drapey, medium weight, and reversible bridal dress fabric. This versatile silk-mix fabric is a wedding dressmaking favourite for brides, adult bridesmaids, special occasions, and other elegant couture, in figure-hugging, flowing or drapey styles. Using both the very shiny satin side, and the matt crepe side in the same garment, allows many useful effects, such as a top in the satin side and bottom in the crepe, or a whole garment in the satin, with crepe trimmings. Silk-mix dress fabric for wonderful wedding gowns, beautiful bridal dresses, and other special occasion wear.
Width: 135cm
95% silk, 5% spandex
Screens often show colours differently so please request a free sample to check before ordering.

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