Two-Tone Silk Organza Wedding Dress Fabric 4221

Two-Tone Silk Organza Wedding Dress Fabric 4221 | Bridal | Occasion

Two-Tone Silk Organza is one of the most sheer and lightweight wedding dress fabrics - more transparent than chiffon, but stiffer with a crisp handle, adding greater volume to skirts. It is a popular dressmaking fabric for overlays or over-skirts on bridal gowns, the bride's wedding dress, evening gowns and cocktail dresses. These are two-tone or 'shot' colours, also known as 'changeant' so that the colour subtly changes as the fabric moves. Silk Organza is also often used for bridal veiling, as an interfacing, and in lingerie. Sublime silk wedding dress fabric, perfect for the bride's dress and bridal gowns.
Width: 137cm
100% Pure Silk
Screens often show colours differently so please request a free sample to check before ordering.

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