About us

Harrington Fabric and Lace

'Harrington Fabric and Lace' is now our main trading name, though we also have a trading name 'Nottingham Lace and Trimmings' and we sometimes get called 'Harrington Fabrics' or 'Harrington Bridal'. We have also used the name 'FabLace' for many years, and have the web address www.fablace.co.uk. Our registered company name is NLT Integral Ltd. We are registered in England under company number 02051858. Our registered office is Turret E Harrington Mills, Leopold Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4QE, England. We are based in the historic Harrington Mills, which was the largest lace factory in the world when it was built in 1885. Originally the whole site was occupied exclusively by Nottingham Lace manufacturers.

We have extensive ranges of fabric and lace for bridal wear, bridesmaids, special occasion, and general apparel. We supply customers worldwide via our efficient sampling and delivery services, and take pride in providing the most friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful standard of service.

We supply trade customers from the smallest dressmaker up. Let us help you find the right fabric or lace for your unique creations.