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Dress Fabric: Faux Fur, Poplin, Calico, Voile, Mikado, Cotton Lawn

Some of the other dress fabrics we supply, such as Faux Fur fabric, Poplin, Calico, Voile, Mikado, and Cotton Lawn. In a variety of natural and man-made fibres, they have many uses in dressmaking, crafts, etc.

Poplin Dress Fabric 4549

This poly-cotton poplin is a breathable, plain weave, medium weight dress fabric suitable for summer skirts. It is ideal for shirting, and is more crease-resistant than all-cotton poplin. It...

Faux Fur Wedding Fabric 4590

Faux fur is a luxurious, animal-friendly heavyweight wedding fabric. It is ideal for the decoration of wedding dresses for both bride and bridesmaid, and special occasion wear including prom...

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