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Taffeta (man-made or silk) and Thai Silk fabric are smooth, crisp, and lustrous medium-weight dress fabrics, used for bridal wear, prom dress, evening wear, and other structured garments or with full skirts. Both are popular in couture dressmaking for wedding dresses, both bride and bridesmaid. Taffeta, especially silk taffeta fabric, is the crisper of the two, making the famous rustling sound as it moves! It also has many two-tone (aka 'shot' or 'changeant') colours, where the colour subtly changes as the fabric moves. Thai Silk is a less expensive silk fabric option.

Silk Taffeta Wedding Fabric 4220

Silk Taffeta is a smooth, crisp, and lustrous medium-weight bridal dress fabric which has two outstanding features: it has lots of 'body' which holds its shape so well, and it makes the ultimate...

Thai Silk 2-Ply Wedding Fabric 4262

This 2-ply Thai Silk is a smooth and lustrous medium weight bridal dress fabric, very similar to silk taffeta in appearance. However, although it has quite a crisp handle, it is not as crisp or...

Taffeta Wedding Fabric 4520

This lightweight distressed taffeta is a crisp, and lustrous dress fabric. It has good 'body' which holds its shape, and it makes the famous rustling sound as it moves! The mostly two-tone...

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