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Chiffon and georgette are similar lightweight sheer fabric, available in both silk and polyester. Chiffon is 'floatier' and often slightly lighter and more transparent. Georgette, named after Parisian designer Georgette de la Plante, is drapier and often a little heavier. Both have a matt crepe texture, so no sheen. They are popular dress fabrics, especially for summer wedding dresses, both for the bride and for bridesmaids, elegant evening wear, and blouses. Chiffon is also used for scarves, and in lingerie, georgette for the lightest-weight trousers and suits. Two-tone or 'shot' colours have warp threads in one colour, and weft threads in another.
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Silk Georgette is a very drapey, sheer, and lightweight, bridal dress fabric. Compared to chiffon, georgette is not quite as sheer, but more drapey, and sometimes a little heavier. Like chiffon,...

Chiffon Wedding Dress Fabric 4447

Chiffon is a very lightweight, sheer, and floaty dress fabric. Compared to georgette, chiffon is slightly more transparent, more floaty, not quite as drapey, and sometimes even more lightweight...

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Chiffon is a very lightweight, sheer, and floaty dress fabric ideal for the bride. The good colour range makes this silk chiffon a popular wedding fabric for adult bridesmaids, proms and other...

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