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Crepes in either silk or polyester are amongst the drapiest of all dress fabrics and are mostly medium weights. They are very popular for figure-hugging, flowing or clinging styles of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, special occasion and elegant evening gowns. Peachskin or sandwashed crepes are also one of the softest feeling dress fabrics. Satin-back Crepe is a reversible fabric allowing many useful effects when both sides are combined in the same garment. Silk 'Marocaine' crepe is French for 'Moroccan Crepe' and is sometimes spelt 'Marocaine' or 'Morocain'. 'Moss' crepe has a more textured surface.
Stretch Satin Back Crepe Dress Fabric 4265

Stretch Satin back Crepe is a very drapey, medium weight, and reversible bridal dress fabric. This versatile silk-mix fabric is a wedding dressmaking favourite for brides, adult bridesmaids,...

Silk Crepe Marocain Dress Fabric 4281

Silk Marocain Crepe is one of the drapiest of all dress fabrics. It is a medium weight fabric with a matt crepe texture on both sides (aka 'double crepe'). Marocain is suitable for the most...

Satin back Crepe Wedding Dress Fabric 5409

Satin back Crepe is a very drapey, medium weight, and reversible wedding dress fabric. This low cost polyester fabric is very popular for bridesmaids, budget bride, proms, evening gowns, etc....

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